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Compelling luxury vehicles excelling in the realms of comfort, performance and intuitive technology is what the Audi brand delivers with each of their sedans, coupes and SUVs, from gas-powered to hybrid and electric vehicles. If you're looking for a vehicle that constantly surpasses expectations on the road, you'll want to explore the Audi model lineup. Whether you're looking for an Audi coupe loaded with power and agility or an Audi SUV grounded in efficiency and utility, there's a luxurious Audi vehicle perfectly tailored to your desires. Discover your Audi with the experts at Audi Ottawa, today.

Representing the smallest of Audi's sedan offerings, the A3 is compact and athletic to deliver a sporty experience on the road. Get sharp performance and innovative technological features from the Audi A3.

RS 3 Sedan
Starting at *

A3 Sedan
Starting at $38,900*


S3 Sedan
Starting at $47,900*

The Audi A4 is a well-rounded choice due to its power, styling, interior comforts, and Quattro all-wheel-drive system making short work of challenging road conditions. Explore this luxurious and always innovative Audi sedan.

S4 Sedan
Starting at $61,600*

A4 Sedan
Starting at $43,800* 

A4 allroad quattro
Starting at $51,200*

Delivering with a dramatic flair, the Audi A5 is as dynamic as its stylistic offerings present. Choose between a coupe, sportback, convertible and more as you cruise the streets in the utmost luxury.

A5 Coupe
Starting at $55,850*

A5 Sportback
Starting at $52,050*

A5 Cabriolet
Starting at $67,000*

S5 Coupe
Starting at $65,650*

S5 Sportback
Starting at $66,150*

S5 Cabriolet
Starting at $77,100*

RS 5 Coupe
Starting at $88,700*

RS 5 Sportback
Starting at $89,200$

Engineered with ample high-quality materials and outfitted with numerous top-of-the-line standard technological features, the A6 is an Audi sedan that represents a cut above the norm. Incredible powertrains round out this already stunning sedan.

A6 Sedan
Starting at $65,300$

A6 allroad quattro
Starting at $79,200*

S6 Sedan
Starting at $94,500*

RS 6 Avant
Starting at $125,500*

Marvel at the Audi A7, with its superior craftsmanship making this sportback feel both unique and luxurious on the road. Posh in styling but practical with its hatchback, explore the Audi A7 sportback.

A7 Sportback
Starting at $82,000*

Starting at $91,900*

S7 Sportback
Starting at $104,400*

RS 7 Sportback
Starting at $130,800*

The larger-than-life Audi A8 offers superior space and comfort along with the other features you would come to expect from an Audi vehicle. Timeless automotive styling is at the forefront here while you cruise every journey with every conceivable technology at your fingertips.

Starting at $153,200*

A8 L
Starting at $99,900*

Starting at *

The very first electric Audi SUV, get all the luxurious features you would typically expect from an Audi packaged in a vehicle specifically built to carry you into the future of automotive. Complete with long-range capability for all your trips, you won't want to miss the Audi e-tron.

e-tron S Sportback
Starting at $109,300*

Starting at $86,900*

e-tron Sportback
Starting at $89,400*

e-tron GT
Taking your Audi electric vehicle experience to another level is the Audi e-tron GT. Discover a jaw-dropping design and get the highest level of performance out of your EV and ride into the future with style and class.

e-tron GT quattro
Starting at $130,850*

Versatile, agile and ready to take you wherever you need to go, the Audi Q3 is a compact luxury crossover that you can count on. Get ready to go on your next adventure with the high-level technology and comfort you come to expect from an Audi.

Starting at $38,650*

Q4 e-tron
Discover the Audi Q4 e-tron with its luxury driving dynamics and optimal performance. Innovative and inspiring, this line of electric vehicles is redefining the way things are done with its rapid charge time and impressive design.

Q4 e-tron
Starting at $59,950*

Q4 Sportback e-tron
Starting at $67,600*

Balanced and always progressive with its dynamic styling, spaciousness and, of course, signature Audi power, the Audi Q5 is the luxury SUV everyone dreams of driving. Explore this staple of the Audi lineup for an unmatched SUV experience.

Starting at $48,000*

Q5 Sportback
Starting at $56,950*

Starting at $71,700*

Starting at $67,050*

SQ5 Sportback
Starting at $69,300*

Ready to take on life's toughest challenges, the Audi Q7 is equipped with ample power and capability to carry you and up to 7 passengers on every journey you have in your itinerary. Add a whole lot of luxury to your adventuring with the Audi Q7.

Starting at $70,500*

Starting at $108,200*

Standing tall with a undoubtedly luxurious aura and reputation for uncompromising performance and comfort, the Audi Q8 is a stunning SUV outfitted with an impressive powertrain and all the latest technological features for an unmatched automotive experience.

Starting at $131,600*

Starting at $87,500*

Starting at $114,000*

Flashy and performance-centric, the TT line of Audi models is iconic in every right. A bold, aerodynamic design is at the forefront, while always engaging you with a one-of-a-kind driving experience.

TT Coupe
Starting at $60,200*

TT Roadster
Starting at $64,200*

TTS Coupe
Starting at $70,800*

TT RS Coupe
Starting at $78,900*

Nothing short of awe-inspiring, the Audi R8 represents an automotive work of art. Engineers have created the top-tier Audi performance and power with the R8. An elegant and powerful V10 engine is matched with signature Audi technology and comfort.

R8 Coupe
Starting at $172,050*

R8 Spyder
Starting at $185,050*

R8 Coupe Performance
Starting at *

R8 Spyder Performance
Starting at *

With vehicles leading the way in performance, technology, style and comfort, the Audi model lineup represents the pinnacle of luxury automotive. Get behind the wheel of a vehicle engineered to deliver excellence on the road. The Audi model lineup is available from the professionals here at Audi Ottawa, your luxury dealer leaders here in Ontario. Discover our extensive new and certified pre-owned inventories, explore service and parts, shop tires, and so much more. Get your Audi experience started with us, contact our dealership and book a test drive that will change the way you feel about driving.

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