Coolant Flush & Health Check

Offer Ends: 2018/05/31
Coolant Flush & Health Check

Until May 31st, book your coolant flush and Audi health check for just $199.95 + tax.


To perform and stay in good shape, your Audi engine must remain at a certain temperature. Regularly servicing your radiator and cooling system will help you achieve the optimal temperature. So, we recommend a coolant flush and a health check on your Audi.


How does it work?

As Antifreeze breaks down you can get calcium and wax deposits in your cooling system. This decreases the system’s ability to properly cool your engine which leads to premature cooling system and engine component failure.

A coolant flush is a simple cleanse to ensure you are always ready to take on a road trip whether close to home or far away.


Why choose Audi Genuine coolant?

Audi’s coolant is designed specifically to protect against corrosion and pitting thanks to a protective coating which forms on the metal surfaces. This is done through the use of selected substances, it also successfully prevents calcification and over acidification.


Included in the Coolant Flush and Audi Health Check service is:

  • -Cooling system is flushed to remove any containments
  • -Full fluid replacement
  • -Additive included in new coolant to maintain PH balance
  • -Audi Health Check <30-point comprehensive mechanical inspection>



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