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Model Update – The 2018 A7

Audi has just revealed the all-new 2018 A7!
The exterior design of the A7 Sportback is an expression of the new design language that Audi introduced with the prologue study and made its production debut in the new Audi A8. With large surfaces, sharp edges and taut, athletic lines, the A7 signals dynamics and progressiveness from every perspective.
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Coming Soon – The 2018 RS 5

The all-new 2018 RS 5 offers concentrated performance in a precisely designed package. Elegant, sweeping lines give way to aggressive air intakes and oversize tailpipes, while the new 2.9-litre TFSI bi-turbo V6 supports the promises made by its ruthless stare.
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Model Update – The 2018 A8

Audi has fundamentally reengineered the A8 in its fourth generation. With its stylistically defining design, top-rate suspension solutions, touchscreen operating concept and superlative comfort, the luxury sedan demonstrates Vorsprung durch Technik right across the board. One of the top innovations is the Audi AI traffic jam pilot, which no other competitor offers.
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