We love our community, which is why we were proud to sponsor the Ottawa red carpet premiere of Kickboxer: Retaliation starring Orleans native Alain Moussi. Our first interaction with Alain Moussi was in 2015 when he started shopping for his current S5. We had no idea he would take his talent and turn himself into a movie star!

The movie premiere was a huge success, selling out the originally booked theatre, happily having the event organizers secure a second just for the eager fans! When we rolled up on the red carpet, there was a line almost to the escalators to get a picture with Alain. Friends and family along with fellow event sponsors and Ottawa fans came together at Cineplex Landsdowne on January 11th to catch an advanced screening of the 2nd movie in the Kickboxer series revamp.

After flying home from his L.A premiere, we caught up with Alain to see how it feels to star in a movie with two successful red carpet premieres.