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Audi Care Extension: Premier maintenance for your Audi

These scheduled maintenance plans are an excellent way to help keep your Audi performing at its best. Here are just some of the benefits you receive from Audi Care:

  • Audi Care offers you appreciable savings versus purchasing these services separately.1
  • Prepaid scheduled maintenance every 15,000 kilometres – precisely the intervals recommended by the factory.
  • Complete convenience and peace of mind knowing your maintenance costs are taken care off.
  • The cost of the plan is fixed. Even if parts and labour rates go up between services, Audi Care ensures the prepaid cost.

Your authorized Audi Dealer provides one-stop convenience for all maintenance, and the confidence that no one is better equipped to maintain your Audi.

Audi Care Extension: Scheduled maintenance milestones

Audi Care Extension covers the next three scheduled maintenance services based on your vehicle’s current mileage. The Audi Care Extension plan applicable for you will depend on the age and mileage of the vehicle, with a price range of $1,045 to $1,695. Audi Care Extension is eligible to be added to an existing Audi Care New or Audi Care CPO package, with coverage up to a maximum mileage of 120K.

Purchase Audi Care Extension now, and roll its cost into your monthly payment

Purchase Audi Care Extension at the same time you purchase or lease your Audi at your authorized Audi Dealer, and the cost can be rolled into your payment 5. You’ll instantly enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of Audi Care Extension.

The true value of Audi Care Extension: Service as sophisticated as your Audi

Audi Care is much more than savings and convenience. It delivers service conducted by Audi-trained technicians, using the most up-to-date diagnostic tools and Audi Genuine Parts to help maintain the original performance and integrity of your vehicle. This premium service ensures that you receive the best Audi ownership experience.

Audi Care Extension plan details

  • All scheduled maintenance covered by an Audi Care Extension plan must be completed by an authorized Audi Dealer.
  • Audi Care Extension plans are only valid in the country in which they are purchased.
  • Audi Care Extension plans may not be cancelled and are non-refundable.8 No refunds will be given if your lease is terminated early, or if your lease term is less than the  coverage period.

Comprehensive maintenance

Over the life of Audi Care, these services and more are covered  under recommended scheduled maintenance2.

  • Engine Oil / Oil Filter - Change Oil and replace filter
  • Windshield Washer and headlight washing system - Add fluid if necessary. Check adjustment and function
  • Brake system - Check for damage and leaks, thickness of pads and brake fluid level
  • Brake system - Check that the vent caps are mounted on calipers and check condition of the brake hoses
  • Battery - Check for clean terminals (no corrosion), properly mounted housing and no damage; replace if necessary. Also  check the acid level of battery only if the level can be seen  through the housing and fill if necessary
  • Road test - Check engine performance, clutch, manual / auto transmission, braking (including hand and foot brake),  steering, wheels, wheel bearings, drive shaft, horn, hybrid  vehicles (electric drive for operational readiness)
  • Horn - Check function
  • Engine Compartment - Check for leaks
  • Drive shaft - Check boots
  • Exhaust system - Check for damage and leaks
  • Front and rear axle - Check for excessive play. Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission and final drive - Check for leaks
  • Service reminder indicator display - Reset display
  • Front headlights - Check adjustment
  • Interior lights - Check all interior lights and glove box compartment illumination
  • Instrument cluster - Check warning and indicator lights
  • Front lighting - Check function of parking lights, low beams, high beams, fog lights, blinkers and hazard lights
  • Rear lighting - Check function of brake lights (including third brake light), tail lights, back-up lights, rear fog lights, license  plate lights, blinkers and hazard lights and trunk light
  • Cooling system - Check coolant level, add coolant if necessary, and check protection to spec - 25˚C
  • Cooling system for electrical components: Check coolant level (A3 e-tron only)
  • Dust and pollen filter - Replace filter
  • Tire and spare wheel - Check for wear and damage. Check tire pressure. Reset Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Rollover protection: Check function with soft top down (A3 Cabriolet, A5 Cabriolet, S5 Cabriolet and R8 Spyder only)
  • Panorama sunroof systems - Check functionality for all models (except A8L, Q5 and Q7)
  • Panorama sunroof systems - Clean guide rails and lubricate (A8L, Q5 and Q7 only)
  • Charging socket: Check for damage and make sure the socket is dry (A3 e-tron only)
1Based on a national average of Audi Dealer labour costs, vehicle model and model year. Actual savings will vary. 2Actual scheduled maintenance checks vary based on vehicle model, model  year and mileage. See vehicle Owner’s Manual for details. 3Replacement parts and labour additional. See dealer for details. 4Note: Audi highly recommends that a maintenance service be  performed within 1,500 kilometres (before/after) of the manufacturer-scheduled maintenance interval. Under no circumstances will Audi pay for any standard maintenance service completed  more than five years from the original in-service date, or outside of the time frame specified in the Audi Care contract. 5On approved credit, through Audi Finance. 6Dealer may sell for less. Plus  applicable taxes. 7Tax on parts supplied under Audi Care may be due at the time of each scheduled maintenance service, as required by provincial and/or local regulations where the work is  performed. Please ask your Audi Dealer for details. 8See your authorized Audi Dealer for details.
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